Wiek Hijmans

Wiek Hijmans (1967) has played the electric guitar since the age of eleven. His interest in both classical and popular music instilled a lifelong passion in him for integrating the electric guitar in classical music. Hijmans has been featured at the Holland Festivals Night of the electric guitar, and at the Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, as ‘the specialist in contemporary composed music for electric guitar’. Hijmans holds a Performing Musician’s Diploma from the Sweelinck Conservatory of Amsterdam and a Professional Studies Certificate from the Manhattan School of Music in New York City where he studied with David Starobin.

Wiek Hijmans is the recipient of several awards and prizes, including a Fulbright Grant and the Andres Segovia Award. He made two internationally well-received solo CD’s ; “Electric Solo!” and “Classic Electric”. He has performed solo recitals across the globe, including Canada, Switzerland, Italy, China, Denmark, Poland, and multiple performances in the United States and Holland.

He performed as a soloist with the Deutsches Rundfunk Orchester, the Noord-Nederlands Orkest, the Caen Symphony Orchestra, Orchestre de Lorraine, the Boston Modern Orchestra Project, the Radio Symfonie Orkest, and the Nieuw Ensemble .

Wiek Hijmans initiated the commission for Contes Cruels, a piece for two electric guitars and orchestra by Tristan Murail, which won the prize for best French composition of the year 2007. The CD of his electric guitar quartet CATCH, with the Boston Modern Orchestra Project, with Steve Mackey's Dreamhouse, received a Grammy nomination.


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Wiek Hijmans (1967) is considered a pioneer of electric guitar and classical music.

In 2003 he was presented as the new music specialist on the electric guitar solo by the Holland Festival Solo in the Great Hall of the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam and received the Andres Segovia Award for outstanding guitar playing in New York.

Hijmans is active in many ensembles, theater productions and as a soloist with international orchestras. The recently released CD of Steven Mackey's Dreamhouse where Hijmans' CATCH electric guitar quartet is to be heard, is nominated for a Grammy.

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