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“In 2008 Wiek and  I took part in an opera-production “Snow White” by Dutch composer Micha Hamel with the New Ensemble conducted by Ed Spanjaard.

Wiek was situated right behind me in the orchestra and I became more and more intrigued by this amazing world of sounds which, as it were, bubbled up behind me.

In that same period I was thinking of forming a renewing and improvising ensemble.

During one of many performances I suddenly realised: If I want to perform Paganini or other similar repertoire it would only be worthwhile for me if the sound-scope is totally different.

In other words: Wiek is precisely the musician I was looking for!

My request to join forces came at exactly the right moment; Wiek was at that time also in the “ searching mode”, hence; we haven’t stopped ever since.’

“When Peter proposed to investigate the possibilities for a violin/electric guitar duo I immediately became enthusiastic.

As a child of classical musicians and a great lover of pop, jazz, contemporary and classical concert music, I have always searched for ways to combine my instrument and classical music.

Eventually I was doing this in several interesting ways but never so directly as with Peter Brunt; the electric guitar as appropriate colour in different style-periods of classical music, including mainstream repertoire.

Of all great Dutch violin players I know, Peter is the most adventurous, and not to mention his tone!

I was truly excited when he asked me to work together and it has turned into a great adventure; we feel like two boys in a big toyshop!”

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